4 Tips for Live Streaming a Memorial Service

Living amid a pandemic has been challenging for many of us, especially those who have lost loved ones. In response to the Coronavirus, local country and city guidelines have decided to limit the size of public gatherings, such as visitations and funerals. Because of this, many find it difficult to grieve the death of those close to them.

Fortunately, thanks to technological advancements, many funeral homes have hired funeral live stream services, so loved ones can share these final moments with those who can't make it to the venue due to restrictions.

However, you can't just start filming and post a live stream online without considering a couple of things. In this article, we'll share with you four essential tips when it comes to live streaming a memorial service.

Facebook can now mute the sound of your livestream's audio if you use music that breaches copyright infringement issues. Since Facebook is working with producers and songwriters to mitigate these issues, Facebook can mute videos or streams that include music that belongs to them.

Even if you're using a different platform to stream funeral services, it's best to ensure that the church or funeral home has a webcasting license to stream services should you wish to include music in your video.

Tip #2: Personalize The Funeral Service

A funeral service is done to honour the deceased's life and allow a space for their family and friends to grieve. With that being said, it's only right that you be as intentional as you could to exceed their expectations.

If you're holding an online funeral service, consider providing a digital program so your viewers can follow along during the memorial. Additionally, you can add frames in your livestream to customize the experience and introduce another layer of visual element in your video.

Tip #3: Control Distractions

Once everyone is attending the virtual service, make sure that each member is on mute to avoid any disturbances during the service. Besides that, encourage family and friends to leave messages on a separate event page instead of the video platform to avoid distractions when the service begins.

Tip #4: Leave a Space for Family and Friends to

After the service, remind those attending online to send messages of encouragement to the deceased's family. Now that physical interaction is limited, words play a huge role in keeping relationships strong.

At the end of the funeral live stream, consider sharing the link of the funeral service's event page where family and friends communicate and interact with each other even after the service. You can also include an email or phone number so attendees can reach out to the deceased's family at any time.

The Bottom Line: Funeral Live Streams Connect Family and Friends For Afar to Grieve in a Safe Space

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, gatherings are limited in several areas of the country. And with that, it has affected the way we normally grieve for the loved ones we lost. Fortunately, funeral live stream services are available, allowing you to connect with other family and friends to grieve and honour your loved ones.

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