4 Tips to Ensure Your Wedding Is Caught on Camera Stunningly

Whenever you're going to a wedding, you will typically spend half an hour or even more before you need to leave to dress. You do this simply because you want to allocate enough time to ensure that you look at your best before leaving home. This same mindset should also be applied when working with photographers, where you need to ensure they arrive at the venue before the ceremony starts to prepare their equipment.

Such plans will ensure that your wedding photography needs are fully met, resulting in quality pictures that you will treasure forever. That being said, here are other ways to plan your wedding to make sure everything is caught on camera:

1. Consider Pre-Ceremony Time

When budgeting some time for the pre-ceremony activities like pictures and guest welcoming, don't forget to consider the travel time. This way, by the time you arrive, you won't find yourself fussing around trying to get things under control. Apart from travel, be sure also to consider other times for hugs, kisses, and other activities you think will occur during this moment. Allocating for all these will ensure that you arrive in style without worry, ensuring for some good pictures to be taken.

2. Budget Some Time for Family Pictures

More often than not, your family will be pulling you left and right for some photos. If you do not budget some time for this, you will find yourself stressed out, and it will show in the pictures. To ensure a pleasant experience, always allocate some time for family pictures, and don't be afraid to limit these sessions. Remember, you can always take photos later in the day, and you never know how busy you honestly will be trying to prepare for the ceremony.

3. Do the Cake Cutting and Dancing All at Once

During the reception, you may have planned the cake cutting and the dancing to be done at different times. Although you may think this is a good idea, it can be quite a hassle for your guests, not to mention the photography teams. It is recommended that you plan these activities right after one another. This way, the guest can sit back and relax after all is said and done, and that the photography team can be out there snapping pictures after pictures.

4. Allocate Time between the Reception and Wedding

If you have planned for the wedding and reception to be held in the same place, it is ideal that you schedule an hour or even two between the two events to prepare. Not only will this allow the venue to be properly set up, but this will also allow your photography team to properly set up their equipment for the next event and give them time to complete shots that you may have in mind.


It may seem like quite a hassle to spend the time to look through your wedding day and allocate the time where it is needed. However, it is vital if you want to plan the best wedding experience possible, not to mention allow your photography team to capture stunning photos. It will be quite a bit of work, but it will be worth it in the end when you get to sit back, relax, and look through all the captivating pictures the photography team has managed to freeze in time for your enjoyment.

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