6 Quick Steps To Hiring the Best Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographs are simply outside the fail spectrum. This is the one task you'll probably want to leave to the pros. When your big day is gone, the only thing left to preserve those moments are the photos or videos you paid for. Take the time to explore your options and choose a wedding photographer that fits your style, budget and objectives.

1. Determine Your Budget

Starting with the budget is probably the wisest thing to do. That's because this number sets the baseline for the range of services you will expect from your photographer. You can begin by having a broad sense of pricing in your region and using it as a starting point. Expectations for the shot list and the timetable are two more things to think about.

2. Choose Your Preferred Photography Style

Do your study and spend some time learning about the photographic styles you enjoy. Perhaps you like a more vintage appearance with washed-out tones and a dreamy, nostalgic sense, or you prefer a brighter design with plenty of vibrant colours. Doing this exercise minimises the chances of disappointment when you see your wedding photos afterwards. Every photographer will have their unique style, so you have to take the time to scrutinise them and their past works.

3. Look for Suggestions on Social Media

Inquire of your newly married friends whose wedding photographs you adored, as well as your wedding coordinator or reception site manager for ideas. Nowadays, word of mouth is certainly the most trustworthy and accessible source of information for making a smart selection.

4. Start Contacting Your Shortlisted Photographers

Once you've chosen at least three photographers you'd want to contact, it's time to reach out and ask some questions. Don't send the same introductory email to every photographer you come across on the Internet. Learn about them, their profession and what you enjoy about their company. Then, for each email, customise it to the photographers you're genuinely interested in.

5. Discuss the Pricing

Some photographers charge a fixed or hourly pricing and then charge you à la carte for any photographs or albums you want. Many photographers provide a price list that lists the many packages they provide at various price ranges. Make sure you're aware of everything that's offered. Ask how long the photographer will stick around (seven to nine hours is the average) and whether they'll be tagging along a second camera man. Having a second set of eyes will ensure a crisper and more detailed photography experience.

6. Make a Decision

You've done your homework, whittled down your options and made your pro/con lists; now it's time to trust your instincts and make a decision. During your in-person interview, which photographer made you feel the most at ease? Which photographer do you envision blending in with you and your guests on your wedding day? You can't go wrong if your shortlist comprises reputable professional photographers that share your concept and are within your budget. Please make your decision based on your instincts, make it official and pick your wedding photographer.


Here's one last concept. Partner with a photographer who suits your style, then give them the proper elbow room to make their magic. It's a recipe for disappointment to want someone to alter or be someone they aren't or shoot differently from what they've shown you, much more if you're hovering over them constantly.

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