A Quick Guide To Live Stream Your Business Event

No matter the size or industry, marketing today involves hyper-visual elements to reel audiences’ attention. But while blockbuster-esque videos can make any brand look professional, some channels do better at creating a fully immersive and interactive experience–this is where live streaming takes the lead.

Live streaming is a marketing tool that can generate engagement in various ways, as its biggest strength lies in capturing the watcher’s curiosity from a more personalized angle. So when throwing hybrid events aimed to allow professionals of your trade to mingle, launch new concepts, or bring colleagues closer together, so live streaming is a perfect way to market to connect your brand with your audience in a deeper way.

But beyond sharing quality photos and one-day edit videos, let’s explore the reasons it’s worth live streaming your corporate events.

1. Establish More Meaningful Relationships with Your Audience

Polished and commercial-ready videos look eye-catching, but the rawness in live streams make it great for sharing the vibrancy of your events. It captures all the hustle and bustle you usually see in events, making for an exciting medium to let your audience feel the following:

  • Feel a genuine and authentic experience that is more relatable;
  • Feel a sense of community, especially when users can make comments and interact better with live streaming channels compared to other video campaigns;
  • Feel part of the event, especially when users can interact with guest speakers and have their questions answered in real-time;

2. Invite More Viewers by Creating a Sense of Urgency

Live streaming events only let the viewers be part of the occasion for a limited time, so for people who want to be part of meet-and-greet, Q&A, and other interactive programs, the limited availability can urge different audiences to watch your stream.

The more social buzz your live stream creates, the more viewers it will attract down the line, making it a cost-effective way to gather more people to join your event and allow for real-time brand engagement.

3. Save Time and Money and Boost Your ROI

Live streaming doesn’t need any high-tech camera equipment and editing software—good lighting and a standard camera are all you need to promote your event. The versatility of live streaming can benefit remote presenters, remote attendees and allow for an affordable camera set up to make your display more visually captivating, so you can cut your budget without coming up short on the quality of your output.

The Bottom Line: Bridging the Gap Between the Physical and Online World

In a world run by digital media, businesses left and right have started to get behind the camera to produce video-centric campaigns as a way to stand out from the competition. With that in mind, live streaming offers the best of both worlds, making for an effective promotional tool.

But instead of polishing your video campaigns, live streaming takes an unfiltered approach to create room for more intimacy, authenticity, and greater flexibility for everyone.

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