Cole Studios offers professional, affordable, high-quality photography & Videography and the best value in the Illawarra, South Coast and surrounding areas. At Cole Studios, we’re all about capturing that special moment for you, forever. With over two decades experience, more than two thousand weddings and our meticulous attention-to-detail, it’s no wonder why our clients consistently rate us with 5 stars on Google.

about the founder

Jason Cole has always had a passion for photography & Cinematography but started out his career as a hardware engineer!

After working in that role for the likes of Nortel Networks, and Dell computer, Jason decided what he really wanted to do was to work with people instead of machines!

So, 25 years ago, he delved into what he really loves – photography and cinematography. Jason is married with two Moodles; Steven and Chubby Junior. The rest is history…welcome to the world of Cole Studios… now, let the creativity begin!
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At Cole Studios, all we do is photography & videography. It’s our passion; our life! We use only the most up-to-date professional cameras, lighting, editing and audio equipment, so you can rest assured we won’t miss a thing! Communication is a big part of what we do, and at Cole Studios, we’re proud to carry a 5-star Google rating… evidence of our outstanding customer service, on-time delivery, value for money and perfect results!


So, you’re not looking for a wedding photographer? You’ve come to the right place! At Cole Studios, we photograph anything, anywhere! With our state-of-the-art, fully licensed drone, we can photograph anything from any angle! Need a series of time-lapse of photographs or video following the progress of a building or repatriation site? Need a pictorial series of an industrial process or aerial photography? Cole Studios can capture that for you. Since 1999, we’ve been using our engineering and technical backgrounds to take better photographs and videos. Even in high-pressure, time sensitive situations, Cole Studios capture the moments, every time.


Poised on the cutting-edge of the very latest tech, Cole Studios can stream any event, live. Using a multi-camera array and the latest audio equipment, your event can be broadcast in real time, anywhere.


At Cole Studios we pride ourselves on being thorough. Meticulous to the n th degree, we’re always looking at the bigger (and smaller) picture, because, as the saying goes, the devil is in the detail…

Backgrounds, shadows, light and dark spots, a flower out of place… are always looking at the background and detail in our photography. Your job on your wedding day is to enjoy the time with your loved ones and friends; let us worry about all the little things.

Recently we were on the “Pontoon” on Sydney Harbour and the ceremony was at sunset. Everything went extremely well and it came time to sign the certificate. As the couple sat down we were looking at the background. Our photographer politely asked the couple to move the table which they did. The results speak for themselves. This is one of the differences between a real photographer and someone that just takes photos.

If we had not intervened, the background would have been much less interesting.

Picture yourself here; which background would you prefer? This is what Alicia Bree said; the bride in these photos….

“A huge shout out to a wonderful photographer and his side kick. Both you and Shane made our night. You went above and beyond, literally turning the boat around to get the best shot you could. Your experience definitely paid off, dealing with a large bridal party with a very short time frame and yet you still captured every moment. Thanks for bringing fun and enjoyment to our wedding shots! Thank you!! Mat and Alicia!”

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