Have you ever found yourself lost in the nostalgia of a wedding album, where each photograph tells a story, evoking emotions and memories as vivid as the day they were captured? That's the irreplaceable value of professional wedding photography. Deciding where to allocate your budget can be challenging in the whirlwind of planning and celebrating one of life's most significant milestones. This blog explores the enduring importance of investing in professional wedding photography, highlighting the pitfalls of cutting corners on capturing your special day.

The True Value Of Professional Wedding Photography

When it comes to wedding photography, there's a profound difference between a photograph and a memory. Professional photographers do more than take pictures; they capture moments, emotions and the essence of your special day.

Expertise and Experience

Professionals bring years of experience and a keen eye for detail. They know how to navigate the chaos of a wedding day and capture the fleeting moments you might otherwise miss.

Unique Skills and Creativity

When you hire a professional, you pay for more than their time. You invest in their skill to find beauty in simple moments and make them into art.

High-Quality Results

Professional photos stand out clearly from amateur ones. Professionals use advanced equipment and skills to create beautiful and lasting images.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Professional photographers adeptly handle unexpected changes, ensuring high-quality coverage under any circumstances.

Comprehensive Coverage

With a professional, you're guaranteed comprehensive coverage of your wedding day. From the early preparations to the final farewells, they ensure no significant moment is missed, providing you with a complete and vivid narrative of your special day.

Risks Of Compromising With Your Wedding Photographer

Opting for a budget-friendly choice in wedding photography can lead to potential setbacks. Recognising the significance of a professional's touch is key. Here are the risks associated with cutting corners on your wedding photography:

Capture Your Forever Moments: Connect With Us Today

Choosing a professional wedding photographer means investing in the preservation of your memories. It's about ensuring every laugh, tear and tender glance is captured with care and creativity. At Cole Studios, we capture the essence of your special day through our exceptional wedding photography and videography services. Offering a blend of candid moments, artistic compositions and meticulous attention to detail, our team ensures your wedding album is as unique as your love story. Contact us today for all your photography needs, and let us help you relive your cherished moments for years to come.

Choosing the right professional photographer can feel like navigating a maze without a map. Whether you're capturing a milestone family event or showcasing a product, the quality of your photos depends significantly on the photographer's lens. This blog post will help understand the essential steps to ensure you select a photographer whose vision aligns with yours.

Understanding Photography Styles

Photography is an art form with various styles, each requiring a unique skill set and creative approach. Recognising these styles can significantly aid in selecting a photographer whose expertise matches your vision.

Understanding these styles and their application in a photographer's portfolio can guide you to a professional whose work resonates with your project's needs.

Assessing a Photographer's Portfolio

When evaluating a photographer's portfolio, consider the following:


High-resolution images with attention to detail reflect a photographer's commitment to excellence.


Look for unique compositions and the photographer's ability to tell a story through their lens.


A diverse portfolio indicates the photographer's versatility in handling various subjects and environments.

The Significance of Professional Experience

Professional experience is more than just a number; it's a testament to a photographer's ability to navigate the unpredictable nature of photography. Experienced photographers bring:

Investment and Value: Understanding Photography Packages

Photography packages can vary widely, but understanding what they include can help you make an informed decision. Look for packages that offer:

Concluding, the right package balances cost with the quality and range of services offered, ensuring you receive value that exceeds the monetary investment.

Capture Your Moments with Excellence

Selecting the ideal wedding photographer goes beyond simply finding someone who can take pictures. It involves choosing a collaborator who understands and can realise your vision. At Cole Studios, we understand the importance of capturing your moments with the precision and artistry they deserve. Our commitment to quality, creativity and professionalism ensures that your photography experience is not just satisfactory but truly memorable. We invite you to get in touch via our contact page or give us a call for more information. Let us help you eternalise your wedding day with the elegance and attention to detail you've always dreamed of.

In a time when staying together in groups and in close proximity is seen as dangerous, live streaming is the safe alternative. It allows people to witness all kinds of events. Thanks to event live streaming, people can continue to learn, enjoy, celebrate, or grieve together. It is an accessible technology, allowing people with phones and an internet connection to participate.

However, if you plan to get a professional event live stream service for your special occasion, you should know how much you are expected to spend.

Price Determinants for a Live Streaming Service

In general, event live stream services vary in price, whether for a funeral or something else. In Cole Studio and any other live streaming service providers, the cost depends on the kind of service needed, the devices you get, and their inclusions and exclusions.

When hiring a live streaming service, your supplier can provide you with multiple cameras, a professional audio system, and other devices to monitor the happening closely and manage all technical aspects of the streaming service. You also have to hire professional staff and pay for their travel, food, and accommodation if necessary.

The setting up and playing of any AV presentations, music, and slideshow are not part of the live streaming service. Make sure to have your team or venue take care of this, or you may acquire the separate AV services of Cole Studio at an additional cost. You might also need to pay more if you want a copy of the finished film that is a high-resolution copy of everything recorded during the streaming service.

The best way to gauge your potential expenses is to request a quote from your service provider. You will get a more realistic estimate if you provide all the details of your requirement. So make sure to give all the project details when you inquire.

Some of the information you should provide are the following:

If you are looking for a quality yet affordable service, the simplest setup consists of one camera and one camera operator setup. It is ideal for small-scale events and also for those who have a limited budget.

Expect this kind of setup to cost you around $950. If you prefer a multiple-camera format, the price usually starts at $1950. Again, the actual cost would depend on the event’s final requirements.

How to Get the Best Service

‘Live’ is the keyword in live streaming services. That means there is no rehearsal or editing option. Hiring experienced teams with professional video streamers is crucial to your service’s success, especially since they have to be more adaptable.

You also need to ensure the quality of your videos. Many factors could determine that: the internet, the high-definition cameras they would use, the technician’s knowledge and skills, and the hardware, and more. Make sure to examine their experience and watch some videos of their past events.

The type of event could also be an important determining factor. Some streaming service providers have more experience doing one kind of event, while others may show more versatility in terms of work experience. The needs of different events vary, so it is critical to consider this factor as well. Prioritise according to your event’s demands and find the best team that can fulfil that.


Any event is a once in a lifetime happening. If you do not want your family, friends, loved ones, community, or target audience to miss that one notable occasion, make sure that you hire only the best live stream service provider in Australia. Get the streaming service provider with the right people, equipment, knowledge, and training to handle such events.

Cole Studios Live Stream Services are available for concerts, funerals, corporate functions, birthdays, weddings, or any other event you can think of. Allow us to help you reach your audience from anywhere around the world with the best, crystal clear, and ultra-high quality event live streaming. Contact us at 0402 802 321 or through our inquiry form on this site.

Your wedding is definitely one of the most important milestones in your life. And because of this, you want to make sure that you document the event well, so you can look back at videos and photos from this unforgettable day.

A huge trend that's been brewing in the world of weddings is drone shots. Drones provide a different perspective that people can't see, and because of this, it gives wedding photos a different and almost surreal vibe that's one for the books.

While it's best to hire an experienced wedding photographer, if you're thinking of having drone shots for your wedding, it's worth asking some questions to your photographer. This way, you'll know if having drone photographs is best for your wedding, some backup plans, and more.

Top Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer About Drones

Question #1: Are You a Licensed Wedding Drone Pilot?

Like in any situation, safety will always be a top priority. For this reason, it's worth understanding the risks involved when hiring a drone photographer for your wedding, especially when you'll be having guests over in the venue. Because of this, it's worth asking your wedding photographer if they're licensed and have an established safety plan and insurance.

Fortunately, our team at Cole Studios are fully-licensed CASA RePL. With this license, we can legally fly our drones in "no-fly zones" and some restricted areas with written permission from the CASA. Of course, this will first be submitted and approved, but there's nothing for you to worry about because we'll be handling this for you.

Question #2: What are Your Backup Strategies for Wedding Drone Services?

It's incredibly important to ask your wedding photographer what equipment and backup strategy they have in place. While some use versions of the DJI drones, some may have better options to give you high-quality and impressive output.

Here at Cole Studios, we use drones with the latest technology that promises the best possible quality. Before we fly our drones, we speak to every client to capture exactly what they want. This way, we can provide a customised output that's great for different occasions, such as weddings, corporate events, and more.

Question #3: Do You Have Some Samples of Your Work?

Before diving headfirst with a wedding photographer, it's worth asking them if you can check out their portfolio. By doing this, you'll have a good idea of their style and how they work. Not to mention, you can find some inspiration for your wedding photos, too.

While drones are often used outdoors, you can still use them to shoot indoor setups as well. Because of this, you should ask your photographer for sample photos of their indoor drone shots.

The Bottom Line: Asking the Big Questions Can Help You Choose the Best Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

Your wedding photographer plays an important role in your wedding. While they're tasked to document the special event, they should also fulfil your photography wishes to ensure that you keep personalised memorabilia that you will look back to for years. And when it comes to drone shots, it's best to work with a licensed and experienced team so you can rest well knowing that they are capable of getting all the shots.

How Can We Help You?

When it comes to wedding photography, you want to ensure that your photographer captures all the important moments and provides you with different styles and views. Fortunately, our team of wedding photographers is here to help.

Cole Studios offers photography, videography, and live streaming services for various events. With our affordable price and high-quality service, you'll surely get the best value if you work with us.

If you're looking for wedding photographers near the South Coast, check us out today!

No matter the size or industry, marketing today involves hyper-visual elements to reel audiences’ attention. But while blockbuster-esque videos can make any brand look professional, some channels do better at creating a fully immersive and interactive experience–this is where live streaming takes the lead.

Live streaming is a marketing tool that can generate engagement in various ways, as its biggest strength lies in capturing the watcher’s curiosity from a more personalized angle. So when throwing hybrid events aimed to allow professionals of your trade to mingle, launch new concepts, or bring colleagues closer together, so live streaming is a perfect way to market to connect your brand with your audience in a deeper way.

But beyond sharing quality photos and one-day edit videos, let’s explore the reasons it’s worth live streaming your corporate events.

1. Establish More Meaningful Relationships with Your Audience

Polished and commercial-ready videos look eye-catching, but the rawness in live streams make it great for sharing the vibrancy of your events. It captures all the hustle and bustle you usually see in events, making for an exciting medium to let your audience feel the following:

2. Invite More Viewers by Creating a Sense of Urgency

Live streaming events only let the viewers be part of the occasion for a limited time, so for people who want to be part of meet-and-greet, Q&A, and other interactive programs, the limited availability can urge different audiences to watch your stream.

The more social buzz your live stream creates, the more viewers it will attract down the line, making it a cost-effective way to gather more people to join your event and allow for real-time brand engagement.

3. Save Time and Money and Boost Your ROI

Live streaming doesn’t need any high-tech camera equipment and editing software—good lighting and a standard camera are all you need to promote your event. The versatility of live streaming can benefit remote presenters, remote attendees and allow for an affordable camera set up to make your display more visually captivating, so you can cut your budget without coming up short on the quality of your output.

The Bottom Line: Bridging the Gap Between the Physical and Online World

In a world run by digital media, businesses left and right have started to get behind the camera to produce video-centric campaigns as a way to stand out from the competition. With that in mind, live streaming offers the best of both worlds, making for an effective promotional tool.

But instead of polishing your video campaigns, live streaming takes an unfiltered approach to create room for more intimacy, authenticity, and greater flexibility for everyone.

Are You Looking for the Best Professional Photographer in Australia?

When it comes to boosting your brand, it’s important to tell compelling stories that resonate with your target audience. Cole Studios can help put the spotlight on your business with our wide range of photography and videography services—from event live streaming, product photography and more.

Get in touch with us today at 0402 802 321 and see what we can do to capture your vision and give your viewers an immersive experience in more ways than one.

The events industry had to move to the digital space because of the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, the transition from physical to digital was relatively easy. Technological innovations made it possible, such as video conferencing. However, the events industry still had to navigate through a tricky environment, so the process of setting up an online event must be simple.

One year later, online events became the craze as the pandemic still raged on. Attending an online event is like any in-person event since all you need is an event link to join. But It's a different story if you're the one hosting the event and have no personal experience.

This article lists down the essential steps to take if you're hosting an online event.

Set the Event's Schedule

Don't you hate it when you want to go to an event, but your schedule doesn't match your availability? For this reason, you need to make sure that the event takes place at a convenient time for your audience. Also, for this reason, you need to make sure you advertise the event way before the scheduled date. Also, the event itself needs to be just the right duration. If you go overtime or plan a very lengthy event, your audience might lose interest and easily sign off from your event.

Promote the Event

If you want to attract more people, you'll need to spread the word. That means generating hype surrounding the event and saying essential information such as the date and time. You can market your event through online platforms like social media or other channels, such as your website.

Utilise the Right Platform

Online events can be conducted on various platforms, so find the perfect one. Many platforms differ in terms of available and usable features. Now the question is, where do you start? However, it would be best to do this very early on to look at different possible platforms for your event.

Orient Your Speakers

If you're inviting other speakers to your event, you need to brief them about everything. It would be best if you thoroughly discussed your expectations and goals with them to avoid any misunderstanding.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

The event is for the attendees, so engagement is a must. After all, an event wouldn't be an event without an audience. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to stay engaged throughout the event. The easiest way to do so is by connecting with them effectively. Instead of reaching out to a group of people, you should make them feel like you're speaking to them directly. As long as you keep the audience's best interests, your event will go off without a hitch.


Planning an online event is no easy task. The steps mentioned above provide general guidance and help you plan your event. However, managing all aspects of your live streaming event can be very stressful, especially the technology. So many things can go wrong during a live stream.

Cole Studio provides top-quality services for event live streams in Wollongong. With our professional gear and experience, your live stream event will be stress-free and successful. We also offer various media solutions, such as photography and videography. Contact us today to learn more!

Nobody knew we'd get deeper into the digital age this fast. With all these advancements, we've taken connection and experienced new things to the next level. With that said, one of the most impressive developments today is live streaming.

Live streaming basically allows an audience to watch and experience an event remotely. It enables you to widen your reach to viewers miles away. Of course, the best way to live stream an event is by engaging a professional live streaming service provider to stream your event.

While you can host a live stream on your own, many don't realize the benefits of working with professionals to host a live show. In the post, we will explain why working with a professional live streaming company is key to a successful live event.

Reason #1: You Get to Produce High-Quality Streams

Your audience deserves nothing less than the best, and for this reason alone, you should work with a reputable live streaming company. This is because they'll have professional live streaming equipment, including high-quality cameras, a sound system and their own servers, allowing you to achieve top-quality streaming that your audience will enjoy. You'll also get to disseminate the right information, enjoy the whole program, and avoid any glitches in the system.

Reason #2: You Get to Attract a Bigger Audience

With the help of a professional live streaming company, you can get more accessibility to a bigger audience. You can reach anyone remotely, allowing you to cut geographical and size limitations. You would worry about your server capacity, but with the right team, you'll definitely find a solution to accommodate a bigger audience.

Reason #3: Access to Customer Support

Working with a professional company means getting customer support throughout the whole process. This means you'll have a team of experts guiding you through pre-production up to the day of the event. In some cases, they may even help you during post-production as well.

Reason #4: Streamlined Streaming Experience

Everybody wants to deal with a simple and concise streaming process, and a professional live streaming company will have this down to a T.

Working with professionals can lift all the weight and burden you're carrying as you plan and execute your event live stream. With them, you'll get a streamlined experience, allowing you to maximize your team's effort and time.

The Bottom Line: Working with a Live Streaming Company is Crucial to the Success of Your Event.

No doubt, partnering up with a professional team can take your live streams to the next level. Trust us—you'll get high-quality videos, a larger audience, and a streamlined experience. To top it all off, your audience will also experience the same fantastic quality—what more can you ask for, right?

How Can We Help You?

Event live streams can be difficult to plan, but things will definitely fall into place when working with us.

Cole Studios offers photography, videography, and live streaming services for various events. With our affordable price and high-quality service, you'll surely get the best value if you work with us.

Learn more about our services today!

Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! If you have the event in the Wollongong area, you are in the right place. Cole Studio, the best wedding photographer in Wollongong, is here to share some of the best spots for wedding photoshoot with you.

Here is a list of the top venues in the Wollongong area that you might want to consider for your wedding:

1. City Beach Function Centre

1 Marine Dr, Wollongong NSW 2500
(02) 4228 3188

If you want a beachfront wedding, you will not find more gorgeous spot than the City Beach Function Centre. You can get an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean. It also offers a perfect backdrop for your wedding photoshoot.

2. Tumbling Waters

31 Stonehaven Rd, Stanwell Tops NSW 2508
(02) 4294 1888

If you like the idea of getting married where you can get views of both the ocean and the mountains, then choose Tumbling Waters. This place is perfect for a classy and elegant event with a gorgeous backdrop for the photos.

3. The Pavilion Kiama

2 Bong Bong St, Kiama, NSW 2533
(02) 4232 1419

Another picturesque location is the view of gorgeous pine trees and the blue waters of a surf beach. The Pavilion offers you various spaces to hold your wedding on a wrap-around balcony with waterfront views. And, your guests will surely remember how gorgeous your wedding is.

4. Sage Hotel Wollongong

60/62 Harbour St, Wollongong NSW 2500
(02) 4201 2111

If you have friends coming from out of town for your wedding, it's a good idea to hold the event in a hotel. You can do the ceremony and the reception and have accommodations ready for your guests, too. Your guests will surely appreciate the convenience. The Sage Hotel is one of the most elegant locations for a posh wedding and a classy photoshoot.

5. Growwild Wildflower Farm

916 Old Hume Hwy, Alpine NSW 2575
(0447) 101 190

You can have your wedding at one of the secret gems just an hour southwest of Sydney at the spectacular Growwild Farm. You and your guests will surely love the spectacular Australian wildflowers growing on the farm. It makes for a unique backdrop for your wedding photoshoot as well.

6. The Woods Farm

Lot 3 Bayly Rd, Tomerong NSW 2540
(02) 4401 2831

If you are a bride planning a rustic wedding, you can breathe life into your vision in these dreamy woodlands of the Woods Farm. It is perfect for those who want a DIY and BYO approach to their wedding. You can accommodate up to 120 guests in this venue, too, so you can invite everyone you love to your big day! And because your photoshoot theme should match that of your wedding day, you should consider doing the shoot on this farm, too!


These are our top 6 recommendations for wedding venues in Wollongong. Any of these spots for a wedding photoshoot can make your big day extra memorable, whether the wedding is at the beach, or a fancy hotel, or a gorgeous farm, or a rustic woodland farm. But, of course, your wedding wouldn't be complete without a professional photographer to capture the beauty of the venue.

Cole Studio offers you the expertise of the best wedding photographers in Wollongong. Contact us today to know about our packages or to see our portfolio!

The modern experience has evolved through the years, and with it, wedding photography and videography. The cinematic effects and artistic directions have now turned wedding ceremonies into short films. One key component of today's wedding photos and videos comes from a little aerial gadget," a drone."

Weddings and other events now use drones to deliver a wow factor and a unique way of capturing moments. Drones are not a gimmick; they give spectacular results you will treasure forever.

Are you planning your wedding photography and videography? Here are a few reasons why you should include professional drone shots in your wedding film.

1. Drones Make Group Pictures Easy

Getting many people together to fit in one frame can be difficult, but there's no need to worry about that if you use drones. You can get the best family photos through drones because you can acquire all the space you need for everyone.

Plus, you can take shots at an elevated angle, allowing your guests to see what's happening without blocking their view. Drones catch people's attention right away, so you can take multiple shots within a few quick minutes without bothering them too much.

2. Drone Photography Is an Entertaining Attraction

If you use a drone at your wedding, you’ll have a piece of entertainment that will rouse curiosity from your guests. Although there are many fun things at your party, kids and adults will still find themselves smiling and waving when the device catches their attention.

3. Drones Offer a Wow Factor Through a Bird's Eye View

By hiring drone professionals, you can get an aerial view of your wedding venue—may it be a church, a garden, the seas, or the mountains. You can be as close or far as you want, creating a dynamic videography and photography session. In addition, using drones will allow experts to capture the feeling of your wedding.

4. Drones Highlight Your Wedding from an Aerial Angle

Finding the perfect venue couldn't have been that easy. You might scour through hundreds of locations before finding the ideal match. But, after all of that hard work, make the most of the experience through a drone. What's more, you have something to remember the journey by when the time comes for you to look back at all of the footage.

5. Drones Can Capture Details Your Photographer Might Miss

The traditional photographer might not reach everything you wish you could capture. But, ultimately, they are bound by their physical limitations. They can't climb tall trees or circle the entire venue in a few minutes. Photographers can't breeze through the aisle or do wide shots, but drones can do all of that for you and more.

Final Thoughts

Drone technology is quickly becoming more accessible. It's a fantastic opportunity to grab for your special day. Tap into this new revolution, but make sure you work with a professional photographer. So you can make the most of it.

For wedding photography in Wollongong, NSW, Cole Studio is the best choice. We offer premier photography, videography, and live streaming services for all events, particularly weddings. Check out our available packages today to learn more!

Tips From Wollongong Top Wedding Photographer​

First came television, then YouTube, but amidst them came a demand to flip the script and establish a deeper connection with one's target audience. That's where live streaming comes into play. This latest marketing tool has been throwing waves throughout industries as creators, artists, influencers, business moguls. Anyone among them can live to stream anything he wants to show under the sun.

Live streaming started as a simple tool that didn't need any fancy equipment. After all, it was a rougher alternative to the heavily curated set-up you would expect in other video reels. But as it became more popular, the demand for a higher level of production increased. Nowadays, anyone can deliver professional-grade content. So with that in mind, what live streaming equipment is worth investing in bumping up the quality of your streams and making them more visually compelling?

Breaking Down the Basic Equipment You Need for Better Live Streaming

1. High-Quality Camera

The first tool every dedicated streamer needs is good camera gear, but you don’t need to invest in a model that breaks your bank. Different types of cameras suit a wide range of budgets. The only factors you need to consider are the following: a camera with the ability to deliver at least 1080p resolution, the frame rate, and its battery life.

2. Video Capture Device

Even if you have a camera that can shoot 4K, you still need a great video capture device that can smoothly convert your shot into streams. The right device should be powerful enough to transfer video quickly from external tools like the camera to other external devices. Anything that can convert a 4K 30fps input into a 1080p 30fps output is an excellent starting point!

3. Camera Stand

Live streaming always has more raw fuel as compared to other video formats. But it helps to have the option to stabilize your videos with a sturdy camera stand. Using a tripod, you can set up your recording device anywhere and free your hands. Now that your hands are free, you can play around with the different angles to make your streams more interesting.

4. Microphones

An impressive-looking stream is only half the battle; the next element that can make or spoil your audience's interest is the quality of your sound. For this reason, every professional streamer needs a high-performing audio device like a USB condenser cardioid mic. With a quality mic to match your camera, you can build your message's momentum better than ever.

5. Pop Shields and Adjustable Arms

Speaking straight to the mic can cause audio pops and other distracting noises. Also, it's worth compiling your set-up with a pop shield to ensure your audio quality remains crisp and clean.

Fixing an adjustable arm to the mic can give you more room to experiment with your positions and allow your team to shoot with greater comfort.

The Bottom Line: Using the correct equipment to take your live stream video to the next level has always been a powerful marketing tool. Since it killed the radio star and has some compelling reasons too! Capturing moving pictures can deliver your brand message with greater impact. Internet-oriented people today also find videos more engaging and easier to digest than other types of media content.

With that in mind, live streaming is the latest medium to take the world by storm as it bridges the gap between the brand and its audience. As live streaming continues to provide the connection people need. During this time of social distancing, it's worth delivering better content by exploring the right equipment that can enhance your streaming experience in more ways than one.

Are You Looking for the Best Professional Photographer and Live Streaming Service Provider in Wollongong?

When it comes to boosting your brand, it's important to tell compelling stories that resonate with your target audience. Cole Studios can help to put the spotlight on your business with our wide range of photography and live streaming services.

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