Getting Ready Wedding Photos How to Capture the Best Moments

Every minute of your big day is important — even when you're getting ready in your room to walk down the aisle. Nowadays, couples love to include their wedding preparations in their wedding photography package because this is usually a very intimate and touching moment.

During this time, you slowly get ready for your wedding, trusting a team of stylists to help you look your best before you meet your forever partner at the altar. Besides that, close friends and family will be in the room sharing memories with you, making you and your loved ones shed a tear or two.

This time is incredibly moving and special, so it only makes sense to hire the best wedding photographers fit for the job. With their help, you can discuss what type of photography style, giving them ideas on capturing these intimate and unforgettable moments.

If you're set on having your getting-ready wedding photos taken, here are some tips that will help you get the best photos on your big day.

Tip #1: Chase the Sun and Start Getting Ready Early

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to taking getting-ready wedding photos. This is because you want things to look authentic and true, eliminating any staged concepts. With that, you want to start your hair and makeup early so you can chase the beautiful natural sunlight

Tip #2: Work with a Soft Light Source

If you start earlier in the night, you can play around with a softer light, and if it's getting late in the day, your wedding photographer will have the right tools to diffuse the light. But basically, the goal here is to play with a softer light source.

When you use a soft light source, you get to diffuse your light and soften the glow in your pictures, making things look dreamier and more effortless. To achieve this, you can use artificial lights or diffuse harsh sunlight with sheer curtains.

Tip #3: Work on the Agreed Timeline

Before your big day, you'll most likely have a meeting or two with your wedding photographer to go over the plans for your wedding photographs. To make sure that you get all the shots you require, it's best to stick to your timeline. Besides, who wants to be late for their own wedding, right?

Discussing your schedule with your team will help everyone in the room be aligned, allowing all of you to move gracefully while ensuring you're capturing every moment while you get ready. With that, make sure your loved ones and friends are in the same room if you want them as part of your getting-ready pictures!

Tip #4: Be Mindful of Your Location

One of the things people will notice in your photographs is how messy your room is. With that being said, wherever you are when you're getting ready, make sure that the place remains neat and tidy.

Ensure that your dress is up on a hanger to avoid creases, ensure that your bed is made up, and keep all unnecessary trinkets, so they don't mess up your photos.

Tip #5: Give Some Buffer Time for Your Photographer

Your photographer needs to understand every aspect of your location, so before you start getting ready and begin shooting, make sure he has enough time to scour the place and make adjustments. Not only will this help take magnificent pictures, but you'll also save up on time and stick to your schedule.

The Bottom Line: Hiring the Best Wedding Photographer Will Give You Magical Getting Ready Wedding Photos

As mentioned earlier, one of the most intimate and moving times during your wedding day is the time you get ready for your wedding. This is the moment people will watch you transform and turn into the magical and beautiful being that you are, ready to walk down the aisle to meet your forever partner.

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