How Does Funeral Live Streaming Work

In today’s highly digital world, nearly everything is possible—from online meetings to visual events, you can do much of everything through digital platforms, including funerals. Gone are the times when a distant relative has to miss a funeral; thanks to live streaming, anyone can attend the funeral of a loved one no matter where they are.

How Do You Live Stream a Funeral?

Although most people have experience documenting a funeral, live streaming one hasn’t been a usual occurrence, which is why not many are familiar with how the process goes. Broadcasting a funeral live stream on YouTube, Facebook, or other video-sharing platforms sounds overwhelming on top of managing the funeral itself, but it doesn’t have to be.

As novel as it may be, funeral live streaming can be relatively simple and easy, as long as you know what you have to do for a successful broadcast. If you want your relatives or friends to be able to attend a funeral in real-time, make sure to follow these steps below for a smooth, problem-free experience:

1 - Work With the Right People

Live streaming can be tricky to understand, even if you take a crash course about it. We recommend employing the help of professionals experienced in live streaming and have all of the equipment needed so that you can broadcast the funeral to those who wish to attend it.

When deciding who to work with, don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions regarding their work process, prices, and tools so that you’ll be able to have a funeral livestream that has high-quality video and sound.

2 - Choose a Live Streaming Platform

Before the day of the funeral, you have to determine the right platform to stream it. Preferably, the funeral live stream should be broadcasted through an accessible platform that’s easy to use for most people. YouTube and Facebook Live are great for live streaming, but you can also opt for a professional service for the live stream.

Make sure that your relatives and friends can access the link to the funeral live stream and provide them with the necessary information ahead of time so no problems will arise on the day of the funeral.

3 - Stay Connected

Your internet connection may either ensure a successful funeral live stream or ruin it. However, sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do about connection issues; all you can do is inform your relatives and friends of connection problems and be patient.

4 - Monitor the Recording

Even when you think you’re prepared enough for the live stream, something could still go wrong. To ensure that the funeral live stream goes as planned and solve any problems early on, it’s vital to have someone monitor the live stream’s quality or if the funeral is being recorded at all.


A loved one’s passing is a challenging experience that one may find challenging to express in words. However, by seeing your loved one for the last time and saying your goodbyes, you may be able to get through the pain. Thanks to funeral live streaming, you and your family can join in grief and bid goodbye to those who passed, even when separated by physical distance.

If you’re thinking about having a funeral live stream, leave the job to our skilled team at Cole Studio to provide everything you need for the day. Our live stream services are available for any event you can think of, enabling you to reach audiences around the corner of the globe. Connect with us today!

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