How Much Does Video Streaming Cost

In a time when staying together in groups and in close proximity is seen as dangerous, live streaming is the safe alternative. It allows people to witness all kinds of events. Thanks to event live streaming, people can continue to learn, enjoy, celebrate, or grieve together. It is an accessible technology, allowing people with phones and an internet connection to participate.

However, if you plan to get a professional event live stream service for your special occasion, you should know how much you are expected to spend.

Price Determinants for a Live Streaming Service

In general, event live stream services vary in price, whether for a funeral or something else. In Cole Studio and any other live streaming service providers, the cost depends on the kind of service needed, the devices you get, and their inclusions and exclusions.

When hiring a live streaming service, your supplier can provide you with multiple cameras, a professional audio system, and other devices to monitor the happening closely and manage all technical aspects of the streaming service. You also have to hire professional staff and pay for their travel, food, and accommodation if necessary.

The setting up and playing of any AV presentations, music, and slideshow are not part of the live streaming service. Make sure to have your team or venue take care of this, or you may acquire the separate AV services of Cole Studio at an additional cost. You might also need to pay more if you want a copy of the finished film that is a high-resolution copy of everything recorded during the streaming service.

The best way to gauge your potential expenses is to request a quote from your service provider. You will get a more realistic estimate if you provide all the details of your requirement. So make sure to give all the project details when you inquire.

Some of the information you should provide are the following:

  • Type of event they are covering
  • Details of the event (date, location, number of days, number of people, expected duration of the event, event flow, and so on)
  • Services you need (single or multiple-camera setups, mobile live stream setups, finished film copies, and so on)
  • Any other additional professional service (AV services and more)

If you are looking for a quality yet affordable service, the simplest setup consists of one camera and one camera operator setup. It is ideal for small-scale events and also for those who have a limited budget.

Expect this kind of setup to cost you around $950. If you prefer a multiple-camera format, the price usually starts at $1950. Again, the actual cost would depend on the event’s final requirements.

How to Get the Best Service

‘Live’ is the keyword in live streaming services. That means there is no rehearsal or editing option. Hiring experienced teams with professional video streamers is crucial to your service’s success, especially since they have to be more adaptable.

You also need to ensure the quality of your videos. Many factors could determine that: the internet, the high-definition cameras they would use, the technician’s knowledge and skills, and the hardware, and more. Make sure to examine their experience and watch some videos of their past events.

The type of event could also be an important determining factor. Some streaming service providers have more experience doing one kind of event, while others may show more versatility in terms of work experience. The needs of different events vary, so it is critical to consider this factor as well. Prioritise according to your event’s demands and find the best team that can fulfil that.


Any event is a once in a lifetime happening. If you do not want your family, friends, loved ones, community, or target audience to miss that one notable occasion, make sure that you hire only the best live stream service provider in Australia. Get the streaming service provider with the right people, equipment, knowledge, and training to handle such events.

Cole Studios Live Stream Services are available for concerts, funerals, corporate functions, birthdays, weddings, or any other event you can think of. Allow us to help you reach your audience from anywhere around the world with the best, crystal clear, and ultra-high quality event live streaming. Contact us at 0402 802 321 or through our inquiry form on this site.

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