The Importance of Professional Live Streaming Equipment

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First came television, then YouTube, but amidst them came a demand to flip the script and establish a deeper connection with one's target audience. That's where live streaming comes into play. This latest marketing tool has been throwing waves throughout industries as creators, artists, influencers, business moguls. Anyone among them can live to stream anything he wants to show under the sun.

Live streaming started as a simple tool that didn't need any fancy equipment. After all, it was a rougher alternative to the heavily curated set-up you would expect in other video reels. But as it became more popular, the demand for a higher level of production increased. Nowadays, anyone can deliver professional-grade content. So with that in mind, what live streaming equipment is worth investing in bumping up the quality of your streams and making them more visually compelling?

Breaking Down the Basic Equipment You Need for Better Live Streaming

1. High-Quality Camera

The first tool every dedicated streamer needs is good camera gear, but you don’t need to invest in a model that breaks your bank. Different types of cameras suit a wide range of budgets. The only factors you need to consider are the following: a camera with the ability to deliver at least 1080p resolution, the frame rate, and its battery life.

2. Video Capture Device

Even if you have a camera that can shoot 4K, you still need a great video capture device that can smoothly convert your shot into streams. The right device should be powerful enough to transfer video quickly from external tools like the camera to other external devices. Anything that can convert a 4K 30fps input into a 1080p 30fps output is an excellent starting point!

3. Camera Stand

Live streaming always has more raw fuel as compared to other video formats. But it helps to have the option to stabilize your videos with a sturdy camera stand. Using a tripod, you can set up your recording device anywhere and free your hands. Now that your hands are free, you can play around with the different angles to make your streams more interesting.

4. Microphones

An impressive-looking stream is only half the battle; the next element that can make or spoil your audience's interest is the quality of your sound. For this reason, every professional streamer needs a high-performing audio device like a USB condenser cardioid mic. With a quality mic to match your camera, you can build your message's momentum better than ever.

5. Pop Shields and Adjustable Arms

Speaking straight to the mic can cause audio pops and other distracting noises. Also, it's worth compiling your set-up with a pop shield to ensure your audio quality remains crisp and clean.

Fixing an adjustable arm to the mic can give you more room to experiment with your positions and allow your team to shoot with greater comfort.

The Bottom Line: Using the correct equipment to take your live stream video to the next level has always been a powerful marketing tool. Since it killed the radio star and has some compelling reasons too! Capturing moving pictures can deliver your brand message with greater impact. Internet-oriented people today also find videos more engaging and easier to digest than other types of media content.

With that in mind, live streaming is the latest medium to take the world by storm as it bridges the gap between the brand and its audience. As live streaming continues to provide the connection people need. During this time of social distancing, it's worth delivering better content by exploring the right equipment that can enhance your streaming experience in more ways than one.

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