Established in 1999, Cole Studios is a professional commercial photography business based in Tullimbar, New South Wales. A name that is synonymous with quality photographs and service, Cole Studios works hard to create the best possible images in the time frame you need.

The way that you, your business and/or product presents to the public is everything. Looks can be the difference between someone browsing or buying. At Cole Studios, we strive to create the most appealing shots of you and your brand.

Having worked with a variety of vendors and businesses, we have experience photographing a wide range of subjects. From time-lapse building construction, aerial work using drones and helicopters, close-up technical work, and, of course, people, Cole Studios is perfectly placed to capture your particular requirements. We have a long track record because we work alongside our clients to create the perfect shot.

Our goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the final product – and we’re certain you will be. We also provide rush services for clients nearing a deadline. Cole Studios… we’re totally focussed and ready with lights, camera, action!


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When customers are deciding on a destination for their dinner they are “Googling” more and more now. The photos of your venue inside and out often determine if they will come to your venue or choose another venue instead. The shots need to be crisp and vibrant and have plenty of atmosphere. We call it the “hero shot” factor. We provide basic image editing in all of our packages. This includes noise reduction, exposure adjustments, stitching of multiple images together and colour correction.

Detailed image by image editing is available at an additional hourly rate and is not included in the session fee.

At Cole Studios we specialise in this style of photography. We have all the equipment, the ideas and the eye to capture shots that best show your venue. A few examples from our many venue photo shoots are below.


Product photography is a specialist field of its own. At Cole Studios we have the equipment and the knowledge to make every product shine. No matter how difficult to photograph the product, we will deliver every time. We use a Macbeth Colour Checker to ensure accurate colour of your product as well.

Reflective products such as glass or chrome will have minimal reflection since we use our advanced techniques. We have specialist sand blasted translucent white product tables to photograph your product, with a smooth gradient background. We can also provide you with a ‘Hero shot’ (which is the shot that people see that makes them want to buy your product). Hero shots are usually themed to stand out from your competition.

We have a flat rate of $30 ex.gst per product with a minimum spend of $180. For a large quantity of products we quote on a job by job basis.


As with product photography, your advertising photography is crucial to the success of your product and your business. We consults with our customers to find out exactly what they want, then we provide ideas. Most importantly we listen to you. Our passion is creativity. We love to create breathtaking images with our vibrant photography and innovative ideas. Our studio will work with you every step of the way to ensure the final result is the advertising photography that is perfect for you. We do this without the large price tag many agencies charge.


We have a crucial edge over our competitors in advertising photography as we have a history of magazine photography that goes back to 1999 when we had our first published photoshoot. Our competitors may exaggerate their experience and do not have a complete portfolio of awarding winning photography like Cole Studios. Our photography skills and ideas have been scrutinised over many years of experience by some of the best in the business. Since 1999 we have had over 400 published shoots in many different magazines.

This has taught us how to setup a shot for an advertisement, how to colour correct and compose for all the various elements needed. Little things like the colour profile, the page edge bleed, the centre edge bleed on a DPS (Double Page Spread) all make a big difference when the advertisement appears in the magazine. We produce our commercial work in CMYK, ready for offset printing. All our photography has been adjusted to compensate for the smaller colour gamut of CMYK (as opposed to RGB). For web we setup the best colours with the smallest file size to ensure super fast loading.

We now use the Canon EOS 5DS for breathtaking image clarity and detail. These cameras are 50.6 megapixels, so you will have incredible detail in your images. This purchase again shows our commitment to you to provide you with the best possible photography at the best possible price. We utilise portable studio lighting for vibrant rich colours when shooting outdoors. The results are just like in the studio but with a punchy background.

Advantages such as image clarity, vibrant colours and professional results. Cole Studios uses the Broncolor Verso A4 Lighting system for outdoor studio photography. This is the best equipment available on the market today anywhere in the world. This is your guarantee of the best possible results.

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