How to Pose for Wedding Photos

Stunning wedding photography results do not just fall in the hands of professional photographers. The bride and groom also need to know how to pose, give their best angles and expressions to capture the joy of their union.

The best wedding photographers suggest that the best way to pose for wedding photos is to forget that you’re supposed to. That’s the best way to translate what’s real into still images. The more genuine, candid, and true-to-life your movements are on cam, the more your story in pictures becomes heartfelt and heartwarming.

So if you’re ready to tie the knot and are preparing for your photoshoot, here are some pro-tips to remember to have the most fantastic wedding photographs:

Let Your Movements Be Natural for Perfect Candid Moments

When you get in front of the camera, forget that it’s even there. Try to do something natural with your partner, like holding hands, walking, talking, and the like. The tiny nuances like a heartfelt touch, that look of love, or a burst of genuine laughter are things that photographers try to catch. It is your love story being celebrated, and anyone who sees the picture should also capture that.

Just focus on your partner and have the best time together, and it’s the photographer’s job to capture those special moments on cam. The same goes for group shots—the movements need to be authentic, flowing, and seamless.

Avoid Common Mistakes in Posing for Wedding Photos

When it comes to posing for wedding pictures, if you think so much of the poses, you'll look like you are acting in front of the camera, making the shots look unnatural.

Avoid common pitfalls such as closed-eye kissing or awkward hugs. Just kiss naturally, but do remember to keep the kisses and acts of affection neat and clean. Take it slow, interact with your partner, and just enjoy the moment if you are walking.

If there is something about your body you're self-conscious about, tell your photographer so they can get your preferred angles without worrying about them.

Be Inspired by Wedding Photography Poses You Like

Before your photoshoot, you can look into pre-nuptial and wedding photoshoots that you admire. Remember how these photos made you feel and what poses seemed the most natural and heartwarming to you. Shots like the bride admiring her wedding dress or the groom buttoning his suit jacket or fixing his bow tie are sweet touches that need to be captured.

Family interactions during these moments are also gold for a wedding photographer. There’s a lot to capture, like laughing, crying, hugs and excited peals of laughter at the last few moments of a bride or groom’s single life. It is such an intimate moment for each of their families that photographers love to immortalise through pictures.

Other wedding photo classics include the first look from the bride and groom, the bride twirling in her wedding dress, windblown veils, and the newlyweds' first appearance as a married couple.


In capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment such as your wedding, get the best of the best, including a professional wedding photographer to capture your most incredible moments in pictures. Keep in mind that the photos are something that is not just for you and your partner. These photographs are your legacy and a solid reminder of the reasons why you fell in love and why you chose to be together for life.

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